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A newly created website (27th November 2016) to eventually pick up and publish all of my Byard research.

First loaded with 930 names from my own family.

15th December 2016 - Attempts to load nearly 7000 names from my "UK" research have proved problematic so I am investigating an "external" merge and reload - watch this space

21st December 2016 - Database wiped and loaded with >16,000 names from 4 FTM databases merged into one legacy database and "cleaned" there.

All Places have been geocoded and default marked as "City/Town" - this means that a few counties, states and countries will be wrong - to be repaired later

12th January 2017 - Coming along nicely, all places geocoded and with suitable "level". Minor issue with FTM having used Description rather than actual place name has been overcome - I'm getting more adept at using direct SQL on my events!.

Moving on to look at Media import now

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