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Delaware, USA


Tree: Byard Families

State/Province : Latitude: 38.9108325, Longitude: -75.5276699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYARD, Amanda  Abt 1848Delaware, USA I16180
2 BYARD, Alexand  Abt 1846Delaware, USA I13974
3 BYARD, Alexander  Abt 1837Delaware, USA I16097
4 BYARD, Anna  Abt 1849Delaware, USA I13911
5 BYARD, Augustus  Abt 1829Delaware, USA I16072
6 BYARD, Benjamin  Abt 1852Delaware, USA I13922
7 BYARD, Benjamin  Abt 1872Delaware, USA I8437
8 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1820Delaware, USA I16084
9 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1857Delaware, USA I13954
10 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1880Delaware, USA I8356
11 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1890Delaware, USA I8533
12 BYARD, Charles J.  Abt 1838Delaware, USA I7163
13 BYARD, Clara  Abt 1864Delaware, USA I15794
14 BYARD, Clara P.  Abt 1864Delaware, USA I15941
15 BYARD, David  Feb 1857Delaware, USA I16409
16 BYARD, Eliza  Abt 1843Delaware, USA I7292
17 BYARD, Eliza A.  1836Delaware, USA I13958
18 BYARD, Ella  Abt 1867Delaware, USA I15796
19 BYARD, Ella P.  Abt 1867Delaware, USA I15942
20 BYARD, Elsie  Abt 1892Delaware, USA I8243
21 BYARD, Emma  Abt 1860Delaware, USA I15940
22 BYARD, George  Abt 1825Delaware, USA I16093
23 BYARD, George N.  Abt 1849Delaware, USA I16003
24 BYARD, Georgiana  Abt 1833Delaware, USA I16073
25 BYARD, Gerome  Abt 1883Delaware, USA I8447
26 BYARD, Helen  Abt 1892Delaware, USA I8405
27 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1820Delaware, USA I16091
28 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1830Delaware, USA I7330
29 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1837Delaware, USA I16096
30 BYARD, Hester  Abt 1865Delaware, USA I16412
31 BYARD, James  Abt 1840Delaware, USA I16241
32 BYARD, James  Abt 1845Delaware, USA I16104
33 BYARD, James  Abt 1855Delaware, USA I13943
34 BYARD, Jerry  Abt 1821Delaware, USA I16102
35 BYARD, John  Abt 1828Delaware, USA I16228
36 BYARD, John  1837Delaware, USA I16107
37 BYARD, John  Abt 1854Delaware, USA I13932
38 BYARD, John  Abt 1856Delaware, USA I8255
39 BYARD, John  Aug 1859Delaware, USA I13920
40 BYARD, John E.  Abt 1857Delaware, USA I8235
41 BYARD, John L.  Abt 1845Delaware, USA I15787
42 BYARD, John T.  Abt 1826Delaware, USA I16185
43 BYARD, John T.  Nov 1844Delaware, USA I5337
44 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1819Delaware, USA I16176
45 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1848Delaware, USA I13896
46 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1849Delaware, USA I16250
47 BYARD, Joseph  Feb 1865Delaware, USA I13887
48 BYARD, Joseph H.  Abt 1876Delaware, USA I8368
49 BYARD, Josephine  Abt 1839Delaware, USA I16098
50 BYARD, Julius  Oct 1886Delaware, USA I16397
51 BYARD, Julius  Abt 1887Delaware, USA I8260
52 BYARD, Kennard L  Abt 1824Delaware, USA I13877
53 BYARD, Larua  Abt 1846Delaware, USA I16099
54 BYARD, Leah  Abt 1831Delaware, USA I16101
55 BYARD, Lizzie  Abt 1865Delaware, USA I8213
56 BYARD, Lizzie P.  Abt 1852Delaware, USA I15939
57 BYARD, Lucy  Abt 1785Delaware, USA I13950
58 BYARD, Martha  Abt 1847Delaware, USA I16249
59 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1822Delaware, USA I16036
60 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1837Delaware, USA I15984
61 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1855Delaware, USA I16230
62 BYARD, Mary  Sep 1860Delaware, USA I16414
63 BYARD, May  Abt May 1860Delaware, USA I13965
64 BYARD, Narcissa  Abt 1836Delaware, USA I16074
65 BYARD, Perry  Abt 1828Delaware, USA I16094
66 BYARD, Rachael  Abt 1892Delaware, USA I8530
67 BYARD, Rachel  Abt 1836Delaware, USA I16095
68 BYARD, Rachel  Abt 1851Delaware, USA I16179
69 BYARD, Rachel  Mar 1884Delaware, USA I16391
70 BYARD, Rebecca  Abt 1833Delaware, USA I16110
71 BYARD, Samuel  May 1858Delaware, USA I16383
72 BYARD, Samuel W.  Abt 1881Delaware, USA I8316
73 BYARD, Seffy Ann  Abt 1815Delaware, USA I16092
74 BYARD, Sibba  Abt 1848Delaware, USA I16252
75 BYARD, Sophronia  Apr 1862Delaware, USA I16384
76 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1790Delaware, USA I15995
77 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1842Delaware, USA I16108
78 BYARD, Wesley  Abt 1867Delaware, USA I13427
79 BYARD, William  Abt 1820Delaware, USA I16149
80 BYARD, William  Abt 1823Delaware, USA I16169
81 BYARD, William  Abt 1845Delaware, USA I15793
82 BYARD, William  Abt 1845Delaware, USA I15797
83 BYARD, William  Oct 1883Delaware, USA I16396
84 BYARD, William A.  Abt 1817Delaware, USA I14541
85 BYARD, William H.  Oct 1844Delaware, USA I15694
86 BYARD, William H.  Abt 1845Delaware, USA I14542
87 BYARD, William T.  Abt 1848Delaware, USA I13900
88 UNKNOWN, Anna R. (BYARD)  Abt 1828Delaware, USA I14750
89 UNKNOWN, Annie M. (BYARD)  Abt 1871Delaware, USA I8317
90 UNKNOWN, Caroline (BYARD)  Abt 1832Delaware, USA I16178
91 UNKNOWN, Eliza (BYARD)  Dec 1859Delaware, USA I16390
92 UNKNOWN, Frances (BYARD)  Abt 1825Delaware, USA I13888
93 UNKNOWN, Helen (BYARD)  Abt 1891Delaware, USA I8494
94 UNKNOWN, Hilda (BYARD)  Abt 1904Delaware, USA I8548
95 UNKNOWN, Julia A. (BYARD)  Abt 1825Delaware, USA I16085
96 UNKNOWN, Larena (BYARD)  Abt 1823Delaware, USA I16103
97 UNKNOWN, Margaret (BYARD)  Abt 1848Delaware, USA I16251
98 UNKNOWN, Margerey (BYARD)  Abt 1835Delaware, USA I16229
99 UNKNOWN, Martha (BYARD)  Abt 1846Delaware, USA I15788
100 UNKNOWN, Martha A. (BYARD)  Nov 1846Delaware, USA I5338
101 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  1790Delaware, USA I16090
102 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1824Delaware, USA I16170
103 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1835Delaware, USA I16239
104 UNKNOWN, Mary A. (BYARD)  Abt 1805Delaware, USA I15718
105 UNKNOWN, Mary A. (BYARD)  Abt 1876Delaware, USA I8369
106 UNKNOWN, Ruth (BYARD)  Abt 1795Delaware, USA I16106
107 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1852Delaware, USA I16304
108 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1856Delaware, USA I8252
109 UNKNOWN, Susan (BYARD)  Abt 1821Delaware, USA I16168
110 WATKINS, Alice  Abt 1892Delaware, USA I13428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Benjamin  5 Sep 1884Delaware, USA I13922
2 BYARD, Kennard R.  26 Aug 1884Delaware, USA I8626

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BYARD, John T.  Oct 1844Delaware, USA I5337
2 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1852Delaware, USA I13896
3 BYARD, Raymond J.  Abt 1905Delaware, USA I8623
4 UNKNOWN, Anna R. (BYARD)  Abt 1829Delaware, USA I14750


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYARD / GEORGE  3 Feb 1875Delaware, USA F4935
2 BYARD / TURNER  18 Mar 1912Delaware, USA F4951
3 MOFFETT / BYARD  14 Jan 1813Delaware, USA F4960