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Maryland, USA


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State/Province : Latitude: 39.0457549, Longitude: -76.6412712


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYARD, Eliza  Abt 1896Maryland, USA I8248
2 BAYARD, Lavina  Abt 1833Maryland, USA I7764
3 BYARD, Abraham  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I8222
4 BYARD, Ada  Abt 1864Maryland, USA I15871
5 BYARD, Ada R.  Abt 1848Maryland, USA I16020
6 BYARD, Albert  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I15347
7 BYARD, Ann  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I16023
8 BYARD, Anna M.  Abt 1864Maryland, USA I16305
9 BYARD, Annie  Apr 1846Maryland, USA I16320
10 BYARD, Annie  Abt 1885Maryland, USA I8219
11 BYARD, Annie C.  Mar 1886Maryland, USA I14232
12 BYARD, Annie W.  Abt 1870Maryland, USA I15723
13 BYARD, Augustus  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I16174
14 BYARD, Ben J.  Abt 1845Maryland, USA I16296
15 BYARD, Benjamin  Abt 1831Maryland, USA I16142
16 BYARD, Benjamin  Abt 1846Maryland, USA I8259
17 BYARD, Benjamine  Jan 1843Maryland, USA I16393
18 BYARD, Carrol  Abt 1907Maryland, USA I15396
19 BYARD, Catherin  Abt 1830Maryland, USA I16043
20 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1833Maryland, USA I16135
21 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1841Maryland, USA I16034
22 BYARD, Charles  Nov 1875Maryland, USA I16322
23 BYARD, Charles  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I8223
24 BYARD, Charles C.  Abt 1868Maryland, USA I14948
25 BYARD, Charles H  26 Apr 1911Maryland, USA I8309
26 BYARD, David Baird  9 Dec 1800Maryland, USA I13784
27 BYARD, Edward  Abt 1833Maryland, USA I16143
28 BYARD, Edward  Abt 1844Maryland, USA I16019
29 BYARD, Edward  Abt 1848Maryland, USA I16261
30 BYARD, Edwerd J.  Abt 1877Maryland, USA I15724
31 BYARD, Eliza F.  Abt 1846Maryland, USA I16052
32 BYARD, Elizabeth  Jan 1882Maryland, USA I16323
33 BYARD, Emma  Abt 1887Maryland, USA I8234
34 BYARD, Emson  Abt 1832Maryland, USA I16105
35 BYARD, Esther  Abt 1844Maryland, USA I15329
36 BYARD, George  Abt 1839Maryland, USA I5255
37 BYARD, George W  19 Oct 1917Maryland, USA I14342
38 BYARD, Hannah  Abt 1840Maryland, USA I16124
39 BYARD, Hannah  Abt 1848Maryland, USA I16131
40 BYARD, Harriet  Abt 1835Maryland, USA I16204
41 BYARD, Hary  Abt 1800Maryland, USA I16298
42 BYARD, Heies  Abt 1842Maryland, USA I16125
43 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1781Maryland, USA I16088
44 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1798Maryland, USA I16118
45 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I16163
46 BYARD, Herman H  Abt 1909Maryland, USA I13393
47 BYARD, Hester  Abt 1810Maryland, USA I16113
48 BYARD, Howard  Abt 1878Maryland, USA I16264
49 BYARD, Ida  Abt 1850Maryland, USA I6907
50 BYARD, Isaac  Abt 1800Maryland, USA I16114
51 BYARD, Isaac  Abt 1805Maryland, USA I16138
52 BYARD, Jacob Aloysius  Jan 1889Maryland, USA I14233
53 BYARD, Jame A.  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I16044
54 BYARD, James  Abt 1800Maryland, USA I16016
55 BYARD, James  Abt 1815Maryland, USA I16115
56 BYARD, James  Abt 1822Maryland, USA I14540
57 BYARD, James  Apr 1865Maryland, USA I16326
58 BYARD, James  1871Maryland, USA I8526
59 BYARD, James  Abt 1875Maryland, USA I8353
60 BYARD, James  Abt 1905Maryland, USA I8349
61 BYARD, James B.  Abt 1888Maryland, USA I6917
62 BYARD, James E.  Mar 1888Maryland, USA I16324
63 BYARD, James H.  Abt 1871Maryland, USA I8347
64 BYARD, Jane  Abt 1856Maryland, USA I14576
65 BYARD, Jennie M.  Abt 1863Maryland, USA I15462
66 BYARD, John  Abt 1800Maryland, USA I16069
67 BYARD, John  Abt 1804Maryland, USA I14691
68 BYARD, John  Abt 1805Maryland, USA I16210
69 BYARD, John  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I16259
70 BYARD, John  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I16015
71 BYARD, John  Abt 1848Maryland, USA I16201
72 BYARD, John  Abt 1872Maryland, USA I16270
73 BYARD, John L.  Aug 1870Maryland, USA I14230
74 BYARD, John R.  Abt 1813Maryland, USA I16039
75 BYARD, John Robert  Jun 1847Maryland, USA I14228
76 BYARD, Johnie  Abt 1906Maryland, USA I8215
77 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1810Maryland, USA I16254
78 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1815Maryland, USA I16127
79 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I16133
80 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1850Maryland, USA I16266
81 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1879Maryland, USA I14946
82 BYARD, Joseph V.  Sep 1877Maryland, USA I14231
83 BYARD, Julia  Abt 1852Maryland, USA I16203
84 BYARD, Juliann  Abt 1830Maryland, USA I16140
85 BYARD, July Ann  Abt 1826Maryland, USA I16040
86 BYARD, Laura  Abt 1843Maryland, USA I16087
87 BYARD, Lottie E.  Abt 1873Maryland, USA I16300
88 BYARD, Mabel Ruth  Abt 1912Maryland, USA I15270
89 BYARD, Martha  Abt 1836Maryland, USA I16144
90 BYARD, Martha  Aug 1891Maryland, USA I16325
91 BYARD, Martha A.  Abt 1842Maryland, USA I16130
92 BYARD, Martha Elizabeth  29 Jun 1906Maryland, USA I5359
93 BYARD, Martin  Abt 1790Maryland, USA I13951
94 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1838Maryland, USA I16136
95 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I16126
96 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I16147
97 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1854Maryland, USA I14566
98 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1857Maryland, USA I15833
99 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1875Maryland, USA I15710
100 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1877Maryland, USA I16263
101 BYARD, Mary E.  Abt 1865Maryland, USA I15722
102 BYARD, Mary J.  Abt 1855Maryland, USA I16233
103 BYARD, Mollie  Abt 1892Maryland, USA I15185
104 BYARD, Philip  Abt 1887Maryland, USA I8220
105 BYARD, Raymond  28 Feb 1890Maryland, USA I8221
106 BYARD, Rebecca  Abt 1840Maryland, USA I15870
107 BYARD, Richard  Abt 1868Maryland, USA I8474
108 BYARD, Romanes  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I15310
109 BYARD, Rose  Abt 1882Maryland, USA I14949
110 BYARD, Sabiny  Abt 1817Maryland, USA I16128
111 BYARD, Sallie  Abt 1873Maryland, USA I15708
112 BYARD, Sammie  Abt 1832Maryland, USA I16148
113 BYARD, Samuel  Abt 1836Maryland, USA I16146
114 BYARD, Samuel  Nov 1841Maryland, USA I16331
115 BYARD, Sarah  Mar 1881Maryland, USA I16406
116 BYARD, Sidney  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I16243
117 BYARD, Sophy  Oct 1875Maryland, USA I16332
118 BYARD, Stephan  Abt 1812Maryland, USA I16120
119 BYARD, Stephen Benedict  16 Jan 1882Maryland, USA I5365
120 BYARD, Susan  Abt 1842Maryland, USA I15321
121 BYARD, Terressa E.  Abt 1879Maryland, USA I15725
122 BYARD, Theresa M  20 Dec 1910Maryland, USA I14340
123 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1812Maryland, USA I16017
124 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1816Maryland, USA I16042
125 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1840Maryland, USA I8303
126 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1848Maryland, USA I16137
127 BYARD, Thomas  Abt May 1850Maryland, USA I16021
128 BYARD, Virginia  Abt 1835Maryland, USA I16041
129 BYARD, William  Abt 1830Maryland, USA I16141
130 BYARD, William  Abt 1832Maryland, USA I16156
131 BYARD, William  Aug 1834Maryland, USA I16392
132 BYARD, William  Apr 1844Maryland, USA I16327
133 BYARD, William  Abt 1846Maryland, USA I15336
134 BYARD, William  Abt 1853Maryland, USA I14557
135 BYARD, William  Abt 1865Maryland, USA I16267
136 BYARD, William  Abt 1886Maryland, USA I8216
137 BYARD, William J.  Abt 1860Maryland, USA I15721
138 BYARD, William Patrick  17 Apr 1882Maryland, USA I10583
139 BYARD, Zelia  Abt 1852Maryland, USA I6920
140 GIBBS, Elizabeth M.  Aug 1853Maryland, USA I16402
141 HALLAND, Catherine E  Abt 1812Maryland, USA I14021
142 KOONTZ, Ida Belle  29 Sep 1871Maryland, USA I5358
143 ROSEL, Barbara Cecelia  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I14339
144 SABLES, Catherine Cassandra  Abt Sep 1850Maryland, USA I14229
145 THOMAS, Sarah  Jun 1856Maryland, USA I13889
146 UNKNOWN, Ann (BYARD)  Abt 1808Maryland, USA I16071
147 UNKNOWN, Ann (BYARD)  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I16132
148 UNKNOWN, Ann (BYARD)  Abt 1825Maryland, USA I16086
149 UNKNOWN, Anna (BYARD)  Abt 1775Maryland, USA I16112
150 UNKNOWN, Anna (BYARD)  Abt 1864Maryland, USA I8304
151 UNKNOWN, Annie (BYARD)  Abt 1798Maryland, USA I16256
152 UNKNOWN, Annie (BYARD)  Abt 1860Maryland, USA I16408
153 UNKNOWN, Betsey (BYARD)  Abt 1812Maryland, USA I16202
154 UNKNOWN, Betsie (BYARD)  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I16268
155 UNKNOWN, Betty (BYARD)  Abt 1825Maryland, USA I16221
156 UNKNOWN, Daisey (BYARD)  Abt 1888Maryland, USA I8445
157 UNKNOWN, Edith (BYARD)  Abt 1788Maryland, USA I16038
158 UNKNOWN, Eliza (BYARD)  Abt 1828Maryland, USA I16164
159 UNKNOWN, Emma (BYARD)  Abt 1887Maryland, USA I8315
160 UNKNOWN, Gussie (BYARD)  Mar 1858Maryland, USA I16404
161 UNKNOWN, Hannah (BYARD)  Nov 1825Maryland, USA I16382
162 UNKNOWN, Laura (BYARD)  Abt 1871Maryland, USA I8226
163 UNKNOWN, Leta (BYARD)  Abt 1883Maryland, USA I8399
164 UNKNOWN, Louisa (BYARD)  Abt 1886Maryland, USA I8306
165 UNKNOWN, Lydia (BYARD)  May 1860Maryland, USA I16321
166 UNKNOWN, Maria (BYARD)  May 1842Maryland, USA I16333
167 UNKNOWN, Martha (BYARD)  Abt 1810Maryland, USA I16139
168 UNKNOWN, Martha (BYARD)  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I8307
169 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1818Maryland, USA I16121
170 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I16116
171 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1860Maryland, USA I16262
172 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Sep 1871Maryland, USA I16417
173 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1887Maryland, USA I8217
174 UNKNOWN, Melvina (BYARD)  Abt 1896Maryland, USA I8263
175 UNKNOWN, Myrtle (BYARD)  22 Feb 1892Maryland, USA I8308
176 UNKNOWN, Pheobe (BYARD)  Abt 1790Maryland, USA I14521
177 UNKNOWN, Rebecca (BYARD)  May 1846Maryland, USA I16328
178 UNKNOWN, Romanes (BYARD)  Abt 1820Maryland, USA I5254
179 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1760Maryland, USA I16117
180 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1795Maryland, USA I10842
181 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1822Maryland, USA I16129
182 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1878Maryland, USA I8354
183 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1891Maryland, USA I8250
184 UNKNOWN, Sophia (BYARD)  Abt 1822Maryland, USA I16175
185 UNKNOWN, Susan (BYARD)  Abt 1815Maryland, USA I16265
186 UNKNOWN, Susan (BYARD)  Abt 1824Maryland, USA I16018
187 UNKNOWN, Teressa A.L. (BYARD)  Abt 1841Maryland, USA I15720
188 UNKOWN, Rachel (BYARD)  Abt 1800Maryland, USA I16119
189 WETZEL, Josephine  28 Nov 1857Maryland, USA I5361


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD, John Robert  8 Mar 1990Maryland, USA I12121

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Julia  Abt 1830Maryland, USA I14134
2 BYARD, Albert Meade  Abt 1909Maryland, USA I15269
3 BYARD, Annie W.  Abt 1869Maryland, USA I15723
4 BYARD, Benjamin H.  Abt 1895Maryland, USA I13894
5 BYARD, Charles C.  Abt 1867Maryland, USA I14948
6 BYARD, Charles J.  Abt 1842Maryland, USA I7163
7 BYARD, David Baird  1801Maryland, USA I13784
8 BYARD, David Baird  9 Dec 1801Maryland, USA I13784
9 BYARD, Ephraim  Abt 1811Maryland, USA I13472
10 BYARD, George  Abt 1841Maryland, USA I5255
11 BYARD, George W  Abt Nov 1917Maryland, USA I14342
12 BYARD, Isaac Samuel  Abt 1798Maryland, USA I10106
13 BYARD, James  Abt 1876Maryland, USA I8353
14 BYARD, James  Abt 1878Maryland, USA I8353
15 BYARD, John Robert  Abt 1851Maryland, USA I14228
16 BYARD, John Robert  1920Maryland, USA I12121
17 BYARD, Mary M.  Abt 1902Maryland, USA I5368
18 BYARD, Raymond  Abt 1891Maryland, USA I8221
19 BYARD, Rose  Abt 1887Maryland, USA I14949
20 BYARD, Theresa M  Abt 1911Maryland, USA I14340
21 BYARD, William Owen  Abt 1931Maryland, USA I14947
22 BYARD, William Patrick  Apr 1885Maryland, USA I10583
23 HALLAND, Catherine E  Abt 1812Maryland, USA I14021
24 HALLAND, Catherine E  18 Dec 1813Maryland, USA I14021
25 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1872Maryland, USA I8354
26 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I8354


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYARD / FLUCK  1799Maryland, USA F5137
2 KOONTZ / BYARD  1920Maryland, USA F2427