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Michigan, USA


Tree: Byard Families

State/Province : Latitude: 44.3148443, Longitude: -85.6023643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Clarissa M  Abt 1891Michigan, USA I11578
2 BYARD, Carl Herman  6 Sep 1917Michigan, USA I14499
3 BYARD, Charles H  13 Jun 1902Michigan, USA I14978
4 BYARD, Clifford Albert  5 Apr 1909Michigan, USA I10542
5 BYARD, Frank  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I7162
6 BYARD, Frank  Abt 1887Michigan, USA I15404
7 BYARD, Henry A  10 May 1868Michigan, USA I11475
8 BYARD, Huff  Abt 1838Michigan, USA I15769
9 BYARD, Hugh Isaac Sylvester  20 Dec 1904Michigan, USA I10598
10 BYARD, James E.  Jun 1896Michigan, USA I10819
11 BYARD, James Earl  12 Sep 1930Michigan, USA I10487
12 BYARD, James Franklin  Abt 1885Michigan, USA I14497
13 BYARD, Jennie A.  Jun 1893Michigan, USA I14335
14 BYARD, Jora M.  Mar 1889Michigan, USA I7460
15 BYARD, Joseph C.  Abt 1912Michigan, USA I14952
16 BYARD, Katharine  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I7001
17 BYARD, Leonard  Abt 1887Michigan, USA I7002
18 BYARD, Mortamar D.  Jun 1896Michigan, USA I11922
19 BYARD, Mortimer L.  11 Jan 1877Michigan, USA I14490
20 BYARD, Sally  Abt 1867Michigan, USA I15873
21 BYARD, Susan  Abt 1820Michigan, USA I16198
22 DRYER, Vivia  Feb 1885Michigan, USA I13990
23 GILMORE, Paul  15 May 1918Michigan, USA I8575
24 GOLDNER, Kate Ardell  28 Dec 1883Michigan, USA I11307
25 HOLLENBECK, Russell  1893Michigan, USA I11457
26 JENKINS, Helen V.  15 Dec 1912Michigan, USA I14022
27 JONES, Elsie  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I14960
28 MUNROE, George W  15 Jun 1899Michigan, USA I8836
29 SELLERS, Cecil Ray  18 May 1895Michigan, USA I14033
30 STITES, Olive L.  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I14029
31 SWEET, Electa Jane  1876Michigan, USA I9539
32 UNKNOWN, Carrie (BYARD)  Abt 1878Michigan, USA I15405
33 UNKNOWN, Catherine (BYARD)  1899Michigan, USA I11463
34 UNKNOWN, Myrtle E. (BYARD)  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I14953
35 WAGONJACK, George  Abt 1909Michigan, USA I14963
36 WHITE, Jane Lavinia  19 Nov 1867Michigan, USA I10818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Harmon  26 Mar 1898Michigan, USA I8711
2 BYARD, Lawrence Lee  UnknownMichigan, USA I13815
3 BYARD, William H  1900Michigan, USA I14234
4 GILMORE, Paul  7 Mar 1987Michigan, USA I8575
5 HAASE, Gertrude Myrle  Aft 1960Michigan, USA I13810
6 HANSON, Frank Stephens  25 Mar 1990Michigan, USA I12208
7 MASON, Lorinda  1900Michigan, USA I14235
8 WILLIAMS, James  2006Michigan, USA I11665

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Clarissa M  Abt 1886Michigan, USA I11578
2 BYARD, Archie Alberta  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I11577
3 BYARD, Archie Alberta  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I11577
4 BYARD, Bessie I.  Sep 1897Michigan, USA I10820
5 BYARD, Charles H  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I14978
6 BYARD, Clare I.  1921Michigan, USA I12080
7 BYARD, Danny Gene  Abt May 1939Michigan, USA I12164
8 BYARD, Effie Alverton  1864Michigan, USA I11486
9 BYARD, Eloyd M.  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I14983
10 BYARD, Eloyid Merl  1907Michigan, USA I9103
11 BYARD, Frank Lester  Dec 1858Michigan, USA I11485
12 BYARD, Frank Lester  Abt 1859Michigan, USA I11485
13 BYARD, Ida L  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I8971
14 BYARD, James Edward  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I15303
15 BYARD, James Lee  Abt 1935Michigan, USA I14967
16 BYARD, Jennie A.  Abt 1896Michigan, USA I14335
17 BYARD, Lola Sally  Abt 1867Michigan, USA I8963
18 BYARD, Mary Enty  Abt 1866Michigan, USA I15729
19 BYARD, Mary Enty  Abt 1867Michigan, USA I15729
20 BYARD, Nina  Abt 1872Michigan, USA I8982
21 BYARD, Orilla Mina  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I14032
22 BYARD, Roscoe C  1908Michigan, USA I10597
23 BYARD, William W  May 1877Michigan, USA I8993
24 BYARD, William W  Abt 1878Michigan, USA I8993
25 BYARD, Zora May  Abt 1889Michigan, USA I8831
26 CLARK, Mary Atta  Aug 1861Michigan, USA I11487
27 STITES, Olive L.  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I14029
28 SWEET, Electa Jane  Abt 1876Michigan, USA I9539

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Archie Alberta  Oct 1963Michigan, USA I11577
2 BYARD, Jason Dean  3 Jun 2009Michigan, USA I11581
3 BYARD, Raymond James  Nov 1982Michigan, USA I12088
4 BYARD, Raymond O.  1 Mar 1992Michigan, USA I14025


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYARD / STRONG  6 Jan 1818Michigan, USA F867