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New Jersey, USA


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State/Province : Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Aaron  Abt 1812New Jersey, USA I14712
2 BYARD, Agness  Abt Sep 1869New Jersey, USA I13927
3 BYARD, Alexander S  10 Jun 1823New Jersey, USA I15727
4 BYARD, Alfred  Oct 1870New Jersey, USA I16359
5 BYARD, Alfred  Abt 1873New Jersey, USA I8323
6 BYARD, Alfred E.  Abt 1882New Jersey, USA I8357
7 BYARD, Anthony  Abt 1820New Jersey, USA I13956
8 BYARD, Anthony  Abt 1833New Jersey, USA I13924
9 BYARD, Augustus  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I15746
10 BYARD, Baby  Abt Sep 1869New Jersey, USA I13934
11 BYARD, Beatrus  Mar 1891New Jersey, USA I16355
12 BYARD, Benjamin  Abt 1850New Jersey, USA I16386
13 BYARD, Benjamin C.N.  Abt 1850New Jersey, USA I8257
14 BYARD, Benjamin H.  Aug 1891New Jersey, USA I13894
15 BYARD, Bertha  Jul 1875New Jersey, USA I14043
16 BYARD, Bertha  Abt 1908New Jersey, USA I13905
17 BYARD, Charles C.  Aug 1864New Jersey, USA I15484
18 BYARD, Charles C.  Abt 1873New Jersey, USA I15031
19 BYARD, Charles H.  Jul 1843New Jersey, USA I13914
20 BYARD, Charles H.  Abt 1869New Jersey, USA I13915
21 BYARD, Charles T.  Aug 1881New Jersey, USA I13890
22 BYARD, Christopher C.  Abt 1887New Jersey, USA I13906
23 BYARD, Clarence Emanuel  22 Dec 1930New Jersey, USA I10411
24 BYARD, Conrad  Abt 1809New Jersey, USA I14645
25 BYARD, Cornelia F.  1892New Jersey, USA I14045
26 BYARD, Cornelius  Abt 1836New Jersey, USA I13961
27 BYARD, Daunormay  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I7037
28 BYARD, David  7 Aug 1840New Jersey, USA I7438
29 BYARD, David  Abt 1873New Jersey, USA I13916
30 BYARD, David  Abt 1881New Jersey, USA I15027
31 BYARD, David Jr  4 Jun 1929New Jersey, USA I15029
32 BYARD, David S.  Abt 1878New Jersey, USA I13977
33 BYARD, Dennis  1 Oct 1857New Jersey, USA I9751
34 BYARD, Edith  Abt 1902New Jersey, USA I5076
35 BYARD, Edith  Abt 1903New Jersey, USA I8320
36 BYARD, Edna  Feb 1898New Jersey, USA I16348
37 BYARD, Edna  Abt 1899New Jersey, USA I13910
38 BYARD, Edna  Abt 1910New Jersey, USA I15287
39 BYARD, Edna M.  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I15480
40 BYARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1847New Jersey, USA I8300
41 BYARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1853New Jersey, USA I13946
42 BYARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1857New Jersey, USA I13970
43 BYARD, Ellen  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I13947
44 BYARD, Ellsworth  May 1862New Jersey, USA I13882
45 BYARD, Elmer  Abt 1894New Jersey, USA I13902
46 BYARD, Elsworth  Abt 1885New Jersey, USA I7043
47 BYARD, Emeline  Jul 1893New Jersey, USA I16356
48 BYARD, Emile  Abt 1867New Jersey, USA I13939
49 BYARD, Ethel  Abt 1905New Jersey, USA I13881
50 BYARD, Euphemia L  1849New Jersey, USA I14671
51 BYARD, Fannie  Nov 1893New Jersey, USA I13870
52 BYARD, Fannie  Abt 1895New Jersey, USA I8324
53 BYARD, Florence  Abt 1911New Jersey, USA I8477
54 BYARD, Frances  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA I13907
55 BYARD, Frank W  Dec 1869New Jersey, USA I13875
56 BYARD, Freda  Abt 1910New Jersey, USA I13849
57 BYARD, G.A.  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA I15296
58 BYARD, Geneivieve  Abt 1905New Jersey, USA I8326
59 BYARD, George  Sep 1849New Jersey, USA I16410
60 BYARD, George  Jan 1883New Jersey, USA I14600
61 BYARD, George W.  Abt 1849New Jersey, USA I16302
62 BYARD, George W.  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I16278
63 BYARD, Grover C.  Feb 1888New Jersey, USA I14041
64 BYARD, Harmon  1796New Jersey, USA I8711
65 BYARD, Harriet  Abt 1874New Jersey, USA I16282
66 BYARD, Harry  Abt 1864New Jersey, USA I13972
67 BYARD, Helen  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA I13904
68 BYARD, Helen  Jan 1900New Jersey, USA I16349
69 BYARD, Henrietta  Abt 1859New Jersey, USA I14773
70 BYARD, Henrietta  Mar 1877New Jersey, USA I13908
71 BYARD, Henry  Abt 1881New Jersey, USA I8398
72 BYARD, Herbert R.  Abt 1910New Jersey, USA I13842
73 BYARD, Hillard  Dec 1880New Jersey, USA I15672
74 BYARD, Ida  Abt 1906New Jersey, USA I13855
75 BYARD, Ida A.  Apr 1878New Jersey, USA I14044
76 BYARD, Isaac  Abt 1882New Jersey, USA I8359
77 BYARD, James H.  Abt 1872New Jersey, USA I15297
78 BYARD, Jenevive  Abt 1902New Jersey, USA I13874
79 BYARD, Jno  Abt 1840New Jersey, USA I13948
80 BYARD, Johanna  Abt 1879New Jersey, USA I13968
81 BYARD, John  1829New Jersey, USA I13126
82 BYARD, John  Abt 1829New Jersey, USA I13959
83 BYARD, John  Abt 1838New Jersey, USA I16416
84 BYARD, John  Abt 1842New Jersey, USA I8191
85 BYARD, John  Abt 1844New Jersey, USA I16275
86 BYARD, John  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA I14742
87 BYARD, John  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA I15826
88 BYARD, John  Abt 1854New Jersey, USA I15740
89 BYARD, John  Abt 1866New Jersey, USA I13931
90 BYARD, John  May 1874New Jersey, USA I16346
91 BYARD, John  Abt 1878New Jersey, USA I8489
92 BYARD, John  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I7035
93 BYARD, John D.  Abt 1874New Jersey, USA I13898
94 BYARD, John H.  Abt 1848New Jersey, USA I13955
95 BYARD, John Thomas  4 Feb 1924New Jersey, USA I10537
96 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1844New Jersey, USA I16068
97 BYARD, Joseph  Nov 1882New Jersey, USA I13891
98 BYARD, Joseph  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I8350
99 BYARD, Kate  Abt 1859New Jersey, USA I15744
100 BYARD, Leander Curtis  14 Dec 1927New Jersey, USA I8491
101 BYARD, Lena  Abt 1868New Jersey, USA I13933
102 BYARD, Leon  Oct 1889New Jersey, USA I13893
103 BYARD, Leonard A.  Abt 1893New Jersey, USA I8409
104 BYARD, Loretta  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I15293
105 BYARD, Margaret Jane  Abt 1833New Jersey, USA I14662
106 BYARD, Martha  1812New Jersey, USA I8718
107 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1862New Jersey, USA I15745
108 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1863New Jersey, USA I13930
109 BYARD, Mary  Abt 1879New Jersey, USA I15748
110 BYARD, Mary  Jun 1887New Jersey, USA I13892
111 BYARD, Mary A.  Jul 1879New Jersey, USA I14349
112 BYARD, Mary Ann  Abt 1858New Jersey, USA I13923
113 BYARD, Maud  Aug 1896New Jersey, USA I13871
114 BYARD, Minnie  1866New Jersey, USA I13973
115 BYARD, Myrtle C.  Feb 1890New Jersey, USA I13885
116 BYARD, Nervie  Abt 1899New Jersey, USA I13873
117 BYARD, Olina  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I13901
118 BYARD, Olive C.  Mar 1888New Jersey, USA I13884
119 BYARD, Oscar  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA I13848
120 BYARD, Phebe  Abt 1847New Jersey, USA I14753
121 BYARD, Raymond  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I15289
122 BYARD, Raymond A.  2 Jan 1882New Jersey, USA I13845
123 BYARD, Roy  Jan 1893New Jersey, USA I13886
124 BYARD, Samuel  Abt 1855New Jersey, USA I14762
125 BYARD, Samuel  Abt 1866New Jersey, USA I13926
126 BYARD, Samuel  Abt 1879New Jersey, USA I13978
127 BYARD, Samuel G  26 May 1846New Jersey, USA I13953
128 BYARD, Sarah  Abt 1830New Jersey, USA I13957
129 BYARD, Stanley Martin  4 Jan 1927New Jersey, USA I11257
130 BYARD, Susie  Apr 1876New Jersey, USA I16306
131 BYARD, Susie  Abt 1896New Jersey, USA I13903
132 BYARD, Thomas  Abt 1783New Jersey, USA I16037
133 BYARD, Thomas  Feb 1824New Jersey, USA I14586
134 BYARD, Thomas C.  Abt 1890New Jersey, USA I15482
135 BYARD, Violena  Abt 1890New Jersey, USA I8227
136 BYARD, Waller  Abt 1901New Jersey, USA I8262
137 BYARD, Walter  Mar 1898New Jersey, USA I13872
138 BYARD, Walter  Abt 1904New Jersey, USA I8481
139 BYARD, Wilhelmina  Dec 1899New Jersey, USA I16352
140 BYARD, William  Abt 1810New Jersey, USA I16051
141 BYARD, William  Abt 1843New Jersey, USA I14732
142 BYARD, William  Aug 1874New Jersey, USA I7474
143 BYARD, William  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA I15520
144 BYARD, William  Abt 1876New Jersey, USA I13917
145 BYARD, William  Abt 1880New Jersey, USA I16279
146 BYARD, William Alfred  Abt 1919New Jersey, USA I8401
147 BYARD, William Augustus  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I14348
148 BYARD, William H  Abt 1819New Jersey, USA I14234
149 BYARD, William Harrison  1 Mar 1932New Jersey, USA I9352
150 BYARD, Zebulon C.  Abt 1813New Jersey, USA I13912
151 BYARD, Zebulon Clayton  10 Sep 1882New Jersey, USA I14038
152 DAVIS, Daniel  May 1834New Jersey, USA I16879
153 HARING, Mary Jennie  1839New Jersey, USA I8268
154 HOPPER, Sarah Catherine  1842New Jersey, USA I5312
155 JOLLIE, Charlotte Elizabeth  May 1889New Jersey, USA I14579
156 LACELLE, Mary  11 Sep 1825New Jersey, USA I15728
157 MONROE, Stephen  1801New Jersey, USA I9853
158 PETERSON, Jane  Abt 1812New Jersey, USA I14651
159 SHERMAN, Dora  May 1868New Jersey, USA I13883
160 SMITH, Bridget  1786New Jersey, USA I8727
161 SPRIES, Thomas  1883New Jersey, USA I14046
162 STRONG, Hannah  1796New Jersey, USA I11918
163 ULMER, William R.  Abt 1898New Jersey, USA I15024
164 UNKNOWN, Alta (BYARD)  Abt 1906New Jersey, USA I8485
165 UNKNOWN, Amelia (BYARD)  Abt 1850New Jersey, USA I15747
166 UNKNOWN, Amelia A. (BYARD)  Jan 1873New Jersey, USA I16360
167 UNKNOWN, Anna (BYARD)  Abt 1841New Jersey, USA I13925
168 UNKNOWN, Bridget (BYARD)  1786New Jersey, USA I16058
169 UNKNOWN, Carrie (BYARD)  Jul 1864New Jersey, USA I16345
170 UNKNOWN, Carrie (BYARD)  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I15291
171 UNKNOWN, Carrie C. (BYARD)  Abt 1880New Jersey, USA I8707
172 UNKNOWN, Clara (BYARD)  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I8360
173 UNKNOWN, Cornelia (BYARD)  Abt Jul 1848New Jersey, USA I14037
174 UNKNOWN, Eliza (BYARD)  Abt 1829New Jersey, USA I13960
175 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (BYARD)  Abt 1817New Jersey, USA I13963
176 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (BYARD)  Abt 1866New Jersey, USA I7036
177 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (BYARD)  Abt 1868New Jersey, USA I15030
178 UNKNOWN, Emaline (BYARD)  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I8337
179 UNKNOWN, Eva L. (BYARD)  Abt 1892New Jersey, USA I13854
180 UNKNOWN, Grace (BYARD)  Abt 1834New Jersey, USA I16281
181 UNKNOWN, Harriet (BYARD)  Mar 1847New Jersey, USA I16394
182 UNKNOWN, Hattie E. (BYARD)  Abt 1860New Jersey, USA I15481
183 UNKNOWN, Helen (BYARD)  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I15026
184 UNKNOWN, Helen (BYARD)  Abt 1905New Jersey, USA I8483
185 UNKNOWN, Henrietta (BYARD)  Abt 1822New Jersey, USA I14721
186 UNKNOWN, Henrietta L. (BYARD)  Abt 1863New Jersey, USA I14707
187 UNKNOWN, Jane (BYARD)  Abt 1843New Jersey, USA I13940
188 UNKNOWN, Laura (BYARD)  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I13897
189 UNKNOWN, Laura (BYARD)  Abt 1886New Jersey, USA I13846
190 UNKNOWN, Lizzie (BYARD)  Nov 1860New Jersey, USA I14040
191 UNKNOWN, Lizzie (BYARD)  Abt 1883New Jersey, USA I8229
192 UNKNOWN, Maggie (BYARD)  Jul 1829New Jersey, USA I7471
193 UNKNOWN, Maggie (BYARD)  Dec 1875New Jersey, USA I16347
194 UNKNOWN, Margaret (BYARD)  Abt 1839New Jersey, USA I15518
195 UNKNOWN, Margert (BYARD)  May 1855New Jersey, USA I16362
196 UNKNOWN, Martha A. (BYARD)  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I8258
197 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1829New Jersey, USA I13913
198 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1834New Jersey, USA I15946
199 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1863New Jersey, USA I15741
200 UNKNOWN, Minnie (BYARD)  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA I15032
201 UNKNOWN, Sarah (BYARD)  Nov 1879New Jersey, USA I13869
202 UNKNOWN, Smoline (BYARD)  Nov 1869New Jersey, USA I16354
203 UNKNOWN, Sophia (BYARD)  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I13945
204 UNKNOWN, Stella (BYARD)  Abt 1892New Jersey, USA I15479
205 WANAMAKER, Christian C.  1803New Jersey, USA I9852
206 WANAMAKER, Richard C  1786New Jersey, USA I9851
207 WHITED, Edna  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I8413


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Everett W.  27 Sep 1990New Jersey, USA I13843
2 BYARD, Raymond A.  Jan 1963New Jersey, USA I13845
3 HOPPER, Sarah Catherine  1924New Jersey, USA I5312

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Adam  Abt 1794New Jersey, USA I8180
2 BYARD, Alexander S  Abt 1815New Jersey, USA I15727
3 BYARD, Amos Bunting  Jul 1891New Jersey, USA I11574
4 BYARD, Benjamin H.  Abt 1897New Jersey, USA I13894
5 BYARD, Bessie  Aug 1894New Jersey, USA I13878
6 BYARD, Charles C.  Abt 1867New Jersey, USA I15484
7 BYARD, Charles C.  Abt 1870New Jersey, USA I15031
8 BYARD, Charles H.  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA I13914
9 BYARD, Clifton H  Abt 1910New Jersey, USA I8230
10 BYARD, David  1841New Jersey, USA I5317
11 BYARD, David Jr  Abt 1930New Jersey, USA I15029
12 BYARD, Douglas  Abt 1916New Jersey, USA I13865
13 BYARD, Elmer  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA I13880
14 BYARD, Fannie  Abt 1894New Jersey, USA I13870
15 BYARD, George  Abt 1883New Jersey, USA I14600
16 BYARD, George  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I14600
17 BYARD, Gussie  1868New Jersey, USA I8310
18 BYARD, Harry  Feb 1864New Jersey, USA I13972
19 BYARD, Henrietta  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I13908
20 BYARD, Henrietta  Abt 1878New Jersey, USA I13908
21 BYARD, Hilton Rogers  Abt 1914New Jersey, USA I13918
22 BYARD, James  Abt 1836New Jersey, USA I8311
23 BYARD, Margaret Jane  Abt 1835New Jersey, USA I14662
24 BYARD, Mary E.  Feb 1856New Jersey, USA I14615
25 BYARD, Maud  Abt 1896New Jersey, USA I13871
26 BYARD, Myron D.  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I13862
27 BYARD, Myrtle C.  11 Mar 1891New Jersey, USA I13885
28 BYARD, Philip  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I12068
29 BYARD, Raymond A.  Abt 1882New Jersey, USA I13845
30 BYARD, Rosely Jennie  Abt 1926New Jersey, USA I15019
31 BYARD, Rosely Jennie  Abt Dec 1926New Jersey, USA I15019
32 BYARD, Samuel G  Abt 1846New Jersey, USA I13953
33 BYARD, Samuel G  May 1846New Jersey, USA I13953
34 BYARD, Sarah C.  Jul 1897New Jersey, USA I13879
35 BYARD, Stella B  1866New Jersey, USA I10633
36 BYARD, Thomas C.  Jun 1889New Jersey, USA I15482
37 BYARD, Thomas Percy  Abt 1940New Jersey, USA I11266
38 BYARD, Walter  Abt 1896New Jersey, USA I13872
39 BYARD, Walter  Abt 1897New Jersey, USA I13872
40 BYARD, William Augustus  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I14348
41 BYARD, William H  Abt 1820New Jersey, USA I14234
42 CHAPMAN, Helen T  Nov 1853New Jersey, USA I14042
43 CHAPMAN, Helen T  Abt 1854New Jersey, USA I14042
44 HARING, Mary Jennie  Abt 1843New Jersey, USA I8268
45 HARING, Mary Jennie  1843New Jersey, USA I8268
46 LACELLE, Mary  Abt 1824New Jersey, USA I15728
47 LACELLE, Mary  Abt 1827New Jersey, USA I15728
48 PETERSON, Jane  1812New Jersey, USA I14651
49 PETERSON, Jane  Abt 1816New Jersey, USA I14651
50 PULIS, Leah M  Abt 1857New Jersey, USA I7121
51 TAYLOR, Anna Elizabeth  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I15018
52 UNKNOWN, Hattie E. (BYARD)  Jan 1858New Jersey, USA I15481
53 UNKNOWN, Jane (BYARD)  Abt 1840New Jersey, USA I13940
54 UNKNOWN, Laura (BYARD)  Abt 1857New Jersey, USA I13897
55 UNKNOWN, Mary (BYARD)  Abt 1819New Jersey, USA I13913
56 UNKNOWN, W Gloria (BYARD)  Abt 1918New Jersey, USA I14650