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Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia


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City/Town : Latitude: -41, Longitude: 145.71666700000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Charles Seddon  3 Jun1915Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7882
2 BYARD, Douglas James  14 Mar 1917Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7884
3 BYARD, Edna Mavis  30 Sep 1918Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I2858
4 BYARD, Jack Percival  12 Sep 1910Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7889
5 BYARD, Loris Elsie  12 Jan 1928Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8082
6 BYARD, Nellie Jean  9 Sep 1920Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I5232
7 BYARD, Stanley George  14 Nov 1920Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7891
8 CANN, Rhonda  Jun 1951Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7892
9 CANN, Vicki  19 May 1954Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7894
10 COX, Allan Charles  30 May 1909Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7897
11 COX, Ian Charles  17 Sep 1936Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7898
12 HOGARTH, Mavis Audrey  1 Jul 1926Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I5239
13 LOCKETT, Arthur Clement  12 Apr 1904Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7913
14 LOCKETT, Bernard Clement (Johnnie)  5 Feb 1941Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7914
15 LOCKETT, Ruth Olive  10 Mar 1934Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7915
16 LOCKETT, Sylvia Merle  12 Dec 1929Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7916
17 LOWRIE, Alan James  17 Dec 1910Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I5238
18 REEVE, Faye Muriel  25 Jul 1940Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Dorothy Mabel  13 Mar 1959Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7883
2 BYARD, Ethel Rhoda  30 Jun 1965Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8072
3 BYARD, Herbert Walters  30 Aug 1965Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8039
4 CANN, Rhonda  1952Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7892
5 CANN, Vicki  25 Dec 1992Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7894
6 COX, Allan Charles  6 Mar 1990Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7897
7 DOBSON, Henry James  26 May 1987Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I5230
8 JUBB, Elsie Margaret  16 Aug 1942Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7826
9 LOCKETT, Arthur Clement  29 Sep 1958Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7913
10 LOCKETT, Bernard Clement (Johnnie)  24 Dec 1994Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7914
11 LOCKETT, Sylvia Merle  12 Sep 1980Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7916
12 REEVE, Reuben Ralph  23 Dec 1996Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7924
13 STEVENS, Alice Maud Mary  14 Jun 1975Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BYARD, Dorothy Mabel  15 Mar 1959Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7883
2 BYARD, Edna Lillian  Dec 1999Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7886
3 BYARD, Francis Percival  8 Jan 1956Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8028
4 BYARD, Gwendoline Maud  26 Feb 1999Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7887
5 BYARD, Herbert Walters  Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8039
6 BYARD, James Stephen Sale  13 Nov 1946Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I8006
7 CANN, Rhonda  1952Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7892
8 CANN, Vicki  29 Dec 1992Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7894
9 COX, Allan Charles  Mar 1990Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7897
10 DOBSON, Henry James  28 May 1987Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I5230
11 JONES, Robert Dudley (bob)  24 May 1996Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7903
12 JUBB, Elsie Margaret  Aug 1942Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7826
13 LOCKETT, Arthur Clement  2 Oct 1958Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7913
14 LOCKETT, Bernard Clement (Johnnie)  27 Dec 1994Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7914
15 LOCKETT, Ruth Olive  14 Jul 1993Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7915
16 LOCKETT, Sylvia Merle  15 Sep 1980Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7916
17 REEVE, Phillip Reginald  7 Feb 1963Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7923
18 REEVE, Reuben Ralph  27 Dec 1996Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7924
19 SMITH, Rene Merle  24 Jun 1976Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7932
20 STEVENS, Alice Maud Mary  17 Jun 1975Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia I7833


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYARD / HOGARTH  Mar 1965Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia F2107
2 BYARD / STEVENS  15 Mar 1913Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia F2720
3 LOCKETT / BYARD  8 Sep 1926Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia F2754
4 LOWRIE / BYARD  14 Feb 1941Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia F2089